Benjamin Rosing joined the team at Lory Student Center in late 2017 as Chef Manager to coordinate food preparation and execution of catered events.  He is now serving as Executive Chef overseeing food production and procurement.

Benjamin has over 16 years professional cooking experience in Northern Colorado-all informed by a lifetime of small scale farming and ranching which sparked his interest in and passion for food from an early age.

Contact Benjamin at Benjamin.Rosing@colostate.edu

Andrew Cundiff graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Political Science.  As a student, Andrew worked as a bartender and banquet server.  After graduation, he stayed on the team and eventually moved into the Catering Coordinator position that he currently enjoys.  He works hand in hand with the Event Planning team to ensure that events are planned and executed in line with our client’s vision.

Andrew has been on the Lory Catering team for over 16 years. Andrew’s hard work, enthusiasm, and extreme beauty are all reasons why the LSC is such a great place to be!

Contact Andrew at Andrew.Cundiff@colostate.edu

Monica Burk has been at the Lory Student Center for 18 years.  As the Catering Service Manager, Monica oversees the service team and is seen as a second mother to the students and career staff.

Monica started out in food service when she was 15 years old as a dishwasher, and has worked her way up into management. Prior to joining the Lory Catering team, Monica worked in hotels and country clubs in both Northern Colorado and St. Louis Missouri.

Contact Monica at Monica.Burk@ColoState.EDU