Plated Entrees

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Roasted spaghetti squash | $14

Agave-glazed spaghetti squash topped with roasted tomato Marinara

Risotto neapolitan | $16

Basil, roasted red pepper, and Parmesan risotto cakes served with blackened tofu and balsamic reduction

Pork Pommerey | $16

Cajun-rubbed, slow-roasted, and served with a rich whole-grain mustard sauce

Pesto chicken | $18

Oven-roasted chicken breast topped with a pest caprese salsa

Chicken picatta | $16

Sautéed chicken cutlets served with lemon, capers, sun-dried tomato, and artichokes

Pork tenderloin | $18

Cherrywood-smoked and served with a Port wine reduction

Pork chop | $17

Grilled boneless Tender Belly pork chop served with an apple chutney

Green-curry salmon | $20

Atlantic salmon with a lemongrass green-curry sauce

Braised beef brisket | $16

Lightly seasoned, slowly cooked, and thinly sliced;served with a smoky BBQ sauce

Filet Madagascar | $24

Choice beef tenderloin topped with a rich brandied peppercorn sauce

Elk tenderloin | $24

Cocoa-rubbed, grilled, and served with brandied cipollini onions

Pinot noir chicken | $17

Slow-roasted bone-in chicken served with a roasted shallot Pinot Noir demi-glacé

Shrimp scampi | $22

Jumbo shrimp served in a white wine and lemonbutter sauce with peppers

Top sirloin steak | $18

Marinated and charbroiled sirloin steak with a peppered demi-glacé, caramelized onions, and roasted red peppers

Prime rib roast | $22

Slow-roasted prime rib; sliced and served with rich red wine au jus and horseradish sauce

Herbed chicken | $18

Lightly-seared chicken breast topped with a Melba demi-glacé

Teriyaki tofu | $14

Grilled tofu served with a pineapple Teriyaki sauce

Front range broil | $17

Beef flank steak marinated in balsamic vinegar, spices, and olive oil; charbroiled and sliced thin; served with a roasted tomatillo salsa

Bison short ribs | $22

Herb encrusted; roasted overnight in an Ranger IPA; served with a peach glacé